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Por: Medicina Buenos Aires | 28/10/21


Tributo a Dr. Christiane Dosne Pasqualini en su cumpleaños No 101

LATAPA Fue realizada a partir de una fotografía de la Dra. Christiane Dosne Pasqualini, a quien está dedicado este Suplemento. Francis Dosne es el hermano menor de Christiane, que luego de jubilarse como ingeniero químico se dedicó a pintar y a “jugar” con impresiones de colores de imágenes. Vive actualmente en Nueva York. Sus obras se han expuesto en galerías de Brasil y Estados Unidos.

We have also decided to honor one of our pioneer scientists in the cancer field that last year had her 100 birthday, and now she is 101 years old. She is Christiane Dosne Pasqualini. She was born in France, brought up in Canada and was a student of Hans Selye. She came to work with Dr. Bernardo Houssay, a Nobel Prize winner, for a short term, but she married in Argentina and decided to remain here the rest of her life, without giving up her career. She was my mentor and two other members of the organizing committee, Edith and Marina, also started their careers in her Laboratory. We have asked two of her disciples, Dr. Raul Ruggiero, who has worked for more than 40 years with her, and Dr. Oscar Bustuoabad, who collaborated with her during the last years, to write an article that will be published in the same supplement. So Dr. Christiane Pasqualini, this is in your honor.

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